Paul Fisher

About Paul Fisher:

I am a fourth year PhD student. My research focuses on using QTL and microarray data, looking at the level of biological pathway, to identify novel links between Genotype and Phenotype. I am conducting these correlations thorugh the use of web services and workflows.

These have been tested on African Trypanosomiasis in both Cattle and mice, Lung Cancer, infection of a mouse with Trichuris muris, and Colitis / Inflammatory bowel disease.

I also work for the Sabr Ondex project as a research associate, investigating the construction of Yeast metabolism using data integration and graph visualisation.


Location: Not known

Disciplines: Bioinformatician

Expertise: QTL, Microarray, African Trypanosomiasis, Colitis, KEGG, Pathways, Workflows

Tools: EnsEMBL, Taverna, Java, Perl

ORCID: Not specified

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