GAP and DHAP concentrations were measured over time at 70C.

Contributor: Jacky Snoep

Assay type: Experimental Assay Type

Technology type: Progressive Curve Experiment

Snapshots: No snapshots

Mathematical model for FBPAase kinetics, saturation of GAP and DHAP

Mathematical model for GAPDH kinetics, saturation of GAP, BPG, NADP, NADPH and Pi.

Mathematical model for the analysis of carbon loss of BPG, GAP and DHAP in reconstituted system of S. solfataricus at 70C.

The temperature dependent degradation of DHAP and GAP is modelled as an exponential decay process using experimental data for the disintegration at 70C.

Mathematical model for PGK kinetics, saturation with ADP, ATP, 3PG and BPG.

Mathematical model for TPI kinetics, saturation of GAP and DHAP.

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