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BACKGROUND: The bacterial communities of the nasopharynx play an important role in upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). Our study represents the first survey of the nasopharynx during a known, ...

Author: Allen E. K.,Lastname Firstname,Hendley J. O.,Turner S. D.,Winther B.,Sale M. M.

Date Published: 25th Jun 2014

Journal: Microbiome

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The use of computational modeling to describe and analyze biological systems is at the heart of systems biology. Model structures, simulation descriptions and numerical results can be encoded in ...

Author: Courtot Mélanie,Juty Nick,Knüpfer Christian,Waltemath Dagmar,Zhukova Anna,Dräger Andreas,Dumontier Michel,Finney Andrew,Golebiewski Martin,Hastings Janna,Hoops Stefan,Keating Sarah,Kell Douglas B,Kerrien Samuel,Lawson James,Lister Allyson,Lu James,Machne Rainer,Mendes Pedro,Pocock Matthew,Rodriguez Nicolas,Villeger Alice,Wilkinson Darren J,Wimalaratne Sarala,Laibe Camille,Hucka Michael,Le Novère Nicolas

Date Published: 27th Oct 2011

Journal: Mol. Syst. Biol.

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This paper examines whether the in vivo behavior of yeast glycolysis can be understood in terms of the in vitro kinetic properties of the constituent enzymes. In nongrowing, anaerobic, compressed ...

Authors: Jacky Snoep, Lastname Firstname,Passarge J,Reijenga C A,Esgalhado E,van der Weijden C C,Schepper M,Walsh M C,Bakker B M,van Dam K,Westerhoff H V

Date Published: 22nd Aug 2000

Journal: Eur. J. Biochem.

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15 untrained women were subjected to a walking treadmill test to determine the influence of maximal exercise upon synthesis of erythrocyte 2,3 DPG. Although there was a 9.8% increase in the 2,3 DPG ...

Author: Bonner H W,Tate C A,Buffington C K

Date Published: 5th Dec 1975

Journal: Eur J Appl Physiol Occup Physiol

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