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Four enzymes of the gluconeogenic pathway in Sulfolobus solfataricus were purified and kinetically characterized. The enzymes were reconstituted in vitro to quantify the contribution of temperature ...

Authors: Jacky Snoep, Kouril T.,Esser D.,Kort J.,Westerhoff H. V.,Siebers B.

Date Published: 22nd Aug 2013

Journal: FEBS J

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The involvement of nicotinamide adenine nucleotides (NAD(+), NADH) in the regulation of glycolysis in Lactococcus lactis was investigated by using (13)C and (31)P NMR to monitor in vivo the kinetics ...

Author: Neves Ana Rute,Ventura Rita,Mansour Nahla,Shearman Claire,Gasson Michael J,Maycock Christopher,Ramos Ana,Santos Helena

Date Published: 13th May 2002

Journal: J. Biol. Chem.

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